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A job starts with the perfect resume; an extensive list of an individual’s accentuated background credentials that will make or break his or her success in securing a dream job. As easy as it sounds, not many individuals know the exact ways in creating an impressive resume that accentuates their work experience or talents. Gone are the days when you would simply type in your resume in a standard word processor and take a print-out. Believe it or not, most of these resumes end up in trash! You need your resume to be professionally designed in order to stand out amongst the crowd and get noticed easily. Such professional templates cannot be created using a simple word processor. One needs a professional tool such as Adobe Illustrator or Adobe XD with good designing skills to produce a professional resume template. Unfortunately, most of us do not possess such designing skills!

This is where CVmagnet comes in. Established in 2019, we are a Sweden-based company that offers a genius solution to combat this common problem. With a wide range of resume templates that are well complemented with professional cover letters, you are certain to get a resume template that matches your requirement based on your skill, experience and industry. Whether you are a fresher looking to get a foothold in the highly competitive market, or a mid-level executive planning for the next big career move, you have a perfect solution for you at CVmagnet. It doesn’t come as a surprise to us that even top managers, CFOs, CEOs have used professional resume templates and web portfolio services from CVmagnet and have benefitted from it.

Now It is your turn! With CVmagnet’s cutting-edge platform, you can create an eye-catching resume and a cover letter to stay ahead of competition and maximize your chances in landing your dream job.

Our simple yet extensive step-by-step solutions in how to write a great resume and cover letter will help your resume look sleek and professional. Our company’s main concept is to implement the idea that creating a resume isn’t a complicated thing to do. The Resume Templates of CVmagnet have been reviewed and approved by top recruiters and hiring managers worldwide. That gives you another reason to opt for resume building service from CVmagnet.

Already impressed? We have more for you. A great add-on to the resume builder section is the Video Portfolio section. The Video Portfolio section acts like a video gallery for the candidate where he / she can upload one or more videos. These videos may be created to suit different job roles or different skills and experiences a candidate may possess. A video is a great way to showcase your skill or talent in action. Many recruiters find the video presentations very useful to evaluate a potential candidate. Thus, having a video gallery improves your chances of impressing a potential recruiter or hiring manager to a great extent.

Wait! We are not finished yet! Did we tell you about the unique Web Portfolio of CVmagnet? Well, this is a revolutionary concept that you will not find elsewhere.

Consider a web portfolio of CVmagnet as a ‘mini website’ for yourself that showcases your talents, qualifications, skills and experiences in a professional and responsive layout. The Web Portfolio basically brings together your resume, cover letter and video presentations under a single point of access. It is visually enriched web platform that is entirely managed by you and can be easily shared with prospective recruiters. What’s more interesting is the fact that we have made it very easy for you to create and manage your web portfolio. You can create a stunning web portfolio for yourself in minutes! Once your web portfolio is ready, you can share the link directly with a potential recruiter, hiring manager using any channel of communication such as email, chat or social media. So instead of attaching your resume and cover letter, simply share the link to your web portfolio and the recruiter has access to all the information about you available on CVmagnet. A professional web portfolio enhances your credibility manifolds and is an excellent tool to impress the recruiters.

Our creative marketing ideas combined with advanced technology will make your job-hunting vision a reality. Best part of all, our service is worldwide! No matter where you are located or what language you speak, you can create your resume, cover letter and web portfolio in the language of your choice. You can count on our helpful staff and user-friendly platform to make your experience with CVmagnet a pleasant one.

We enhance our platform’s functionality by continuously updating new templates including resumes, cover letters and web portfolios. We will also keep on adding new features and tools that will help both candidates and recruiters in managing their accounts.

Not only does our platform help candidates in achieving their job goals, but it has also helped us in being able to gain further exposure to help many more hopeful job seekers out there who are struggling. True to the company’s motto – “We rise by lifting others” – CVmagnet strives to grow and become world’s leading platform by helping millions of job seekers worldwide to land their dream jobs.

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